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Focus 20 is a business and technology consulting firm focused on assisting companies define, execute and achieve their business strategies and objectives.

What are the services offered by Focus 20? 

Focus 20 is a leading source of consultative services in the areas of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Technology Start-up and Business Development.

Why is Focus 20 consulting different? Our Value Proposition

Many consulting organizations provide "strategic consulting" to review and offer guidance for your business plans, organization, and market offerings, after which they bid you success and depart.

Focus 20 takes a different approach...Focus 20 supports the development of business plans and strategies, but then we remain engaged with clients to assist them to tactically execute. By leveraging decades of international business, multiple industry and information technology experience, Focus 20 works with clients to identify, focus, and execute the 20% of effort and activities needed to drive 80% of return for their companies.

Driving this 80/20 principal advantage coupled with tactical support allows our customers to fully execute their business strategies and ultimately achieve their business objectives.

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How can Focus 20 assist you? Contact us at: info@focus20.com

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